Write Appeal

Marketing Communications to Shape your Company's Identity and Confirm its Credibility

What is Write Appeal

To get the competitive edge in the age of global communications, a business must be able to speak to many audiences.
But the business that keeps the edge is the one that listens to its clients.

Write Appeal is a client-centered marketing communications service based in Lebanon. Its aim is to provide businesses with the approach, words and tools to attract and nurture their client relationships.

With over 15 years of international experience with a focus on the Middle East, Write Appeal’s forward-thinking and versatile messaging helps you confidently convey to your customers, potential clients and investors what you do and why they need you.

From concept to delivery, Write Appeal strikes a balance between your company’s message and how it is presented to your audience.

Read on to learn how you may benefit!

View from Sahel Alma Nahr Ibrahim, Adonis River

What's in it?

Write Appeal personalizes communications to fit each business or industry by choosing the appropriate style and approach to maximize reach.

Using convincing language, Write Appeal provides a range of marketing communications collateral for several disciplines. Popular marketing, writing and editing services include:

Web Content

complete websites, corporate profiles, identity messaging and strategy, writing and editing, design/text strategy, SEO-enriched text...

Corporate Identity

positioning, brand development, promotional strategy, elevator pitches, USP, mission/vision statements, purpose statements…

Company/Service/Product/Event Collateral

case studies, proposals, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, fliers, data sheets, landing pages…

Media and Investor Relations Collateral

business and trade article writing and editing, film scripts, press releases, annual reports, fund summaries…


messaging strategy, copywriting/editing, tag lines, PSAs…

Marketing Campaigns

direct or e-mail shots, social media messaging…

Other marketing communications services are available upon request.

Who needs it?

Any business wishing to communicate convincingly with clients and investors needs Write Appeal.

Business types

Corporations, SME’s, advertising agencies, media services, non-profits, international organizations, educational institutions, publishing houses and other progressive entrepreneurs.

Client Industries

Finance, energy, technology, media, PR, law, conferencing, construction/industrial, HR, home design, NGOs, restaurants, music and others.

Client Regions

The Levant, the GCC, US, Europe and Africa.

Why you need it?

If you have a great company, product or event but can’t seem to promote it convincingly, ask yourself:

Does my website or brochure reflect my company’s true identity and values?

Does my strategy address the right niche markets and investors?

Does it include the right content approach to nurture current clients and attract prospective customers, investors or personnel?

If you're feeling uneasy about the answers, you may need to create or polish your business image with a well-developed company profile or marketing strategy. Here are some benefits:

Shape your company's identity and image

Steadily solidify your company’s reputation and confirm your credibility with clients and investors

Make a noticeable difference in your company’s bottom-line

Express your company’s professional values to your clients and investors

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